House of Instagram


Facebook invited us to curate a food and drink offering for 300 guests as part of their House Of Instagram event, held at Shoredtich's Electric Light Station. They wanted canapés, bowl food, cocktails and craft beer served at intervals throughout a day of talks and networking.

We took inspiration from ideas of connectivity and global community to create a menu served on bespoke plywood & perspex trays that featured the name of each canapé and our Instagram handle. We worked direct with Facebook on the menu development and with events specialists Innovision on the production and delivery.

Taking influence from the square format of the classic instagram image, the trays were built square and dishes were placed in either squares or placed in grids on the trays to create a sense of repitition and uniformity.


  • Chorizo & salt cod 'crack', saffron aioli
  • Ponzu tuna, squid ink tapioca crisp, avocado & lime
  • Goats' cheese & chipotle cone, black olive crumb (v)
  • Cashew nut hummus, seeded polenta crisp, curried lime dressing (vg/gf)
  • Chocolate & salted caramel cube, gold leaf
  • Blueberry Ice Tea Cooler, Magic Rock 'Inhaler' & Villages 'Rafiki' pale ale

Working with Native was a real pleasure and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to bring something unique and special to their events