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    We are teaming up with English Farm (Nuffield, RG9 5TH) on Saturday 23rd November 2019 for a one-off evening built around their organic pasture fed Longhorn beef.

    We first Met Silas who runs the farm earlier this year and were captivated by his passion for sustainable beef farming and persuasive ideas about their system and its wider positive environmental impact. Join us for one-off night in one of the farm's barns, where we will talk and feast on an array of their beef prepared in numerous ways… and drink wine. Chris will be preparing arrival snacks and a wave of small plates using a variety of cuts; some shining on their own, some cooked over open fire, some as comparatives and some partnered with seasonal, local ingredients & produce from the wider estate.

    There is no menu at the moment, we will work with the cuts and the local produce available at the time of the event.

    Tickets for the evening are £60 - use the link below to book them now.

    We will have a concise (cash/card) bar of low intervention artisan wines chosen to compliment the produce plus local beer and soft drinks too.

    Please note that for obvious reasons we cannot cater for vegetarian diets at the event, apologies.

    A Gluten Free menu will be available, please state when booking tickets.

    Arrival is from 7pm for drinks & snacks, sit down 8pm, exit 11.30pm


    A little about English Farm below. ..

    English Farm have really taken the time to explore what makes the best British Beef, and have come to find that the combination of high welfare - in order to reduce stress, the best breed - English Longhorn, and the best diet - diverse pasture, all combine to create a beautiful product that is full of flavour, environmentally sustainable, and is actually healthier than that of conventional grain-fed animals.

    Their organic system of rotational and conservation grazing allows the animals to behave as close to as nature intended, the holistic mob stocking approach helps to build soil carbon levels and their Pasture For Life 100% grass-fed diet allows the slow grown beef to achieve a fuller flavour which is nutrient dense and proven to have higher levels of beneficial omega 3 fatty acids.

    As stewards of the land they ensure that their organic farming system enhances the local biosphere by increasing soil diversity and health, encouraging diversity in our pastures and reinstating hedgerows for wildlife habitat.

    We hope to see you there!

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